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Purchase Your RFID Solutions for Asset Tracking and Inventory Control in Singapore

Wireless Infrastructure

To ensure your RFID scanners performs seamlessly, you require an essential reliable wireless infrastructure. Although most enterprises are equipped with a wireless network, some might not necessarily be able to support the RFID scanners.

Our RFID solutions include many differentiated Wi-Fi products from access points (APs) to main controllers, which are all able to handle the following tasks:

  • Excelling in harsh warehouse environments, both indoor and outdoor, for consistently stable connections regardless where you are
  • Coverage adapting to real-time changes in the environment
  • Excelling in harsh warehouse environments, both indoor and outdoor, for consistently stable connections regardless where you are

RFID Antenna Readers

Zebra RFID Scanner Products for Accuracy and Precision

Expedite Solutions offers different RFID scanners for data capturing. Mobile scanners are built to withstand rugged conditions while equipped with user-friendly interfaces. Fixed scanners are designed to be durable, efficient and achieve high reading performance. Both these scanners are utilized in different environments and settings, depending on the organization’s requirements.

For Mobile:

  • Retail stores for scanning products
  • Warehouses for inventory control, asset tracking and management

For Fixed:

  • Next to conveyor belt systems to scan goods
  • Attached to forklifts for scanning of pallets etc.


RFID Readers with Tags

Expedite Solutions provides passive and active RFID tags to cater to your enterprises’ needs. Generally, passive tags are usually deployed in larger scales where manual counting is too labour-intensive, as they are more cost-effective. Active tags, on the other hand, are battery-operated and emit data continuously to the monitoring station and are commonly used in RTLS (Real-Time Locating System) applications to allow real time asset tracking. Examples of their uses are found below.

Passive RFID Readers and Scanners

  • Allows for inventory control and management
  • Serve as identification badges/cards for access control
  • Case, pallet and shipping container tracking purposes

Active Zebra Barcode Scanner for various applications in Singapore

  • For personnel asset tracking purposes e.g. in hospitals, schools or during events
  • Track and locate valuable assets in the healthcare, manufacturing and logistics industry
  • Locating containers in the transportation industry both inside and outside the warehouses

Management Software

Zebra Barcode Scanner Management Software

Data captured is being stored centrally in a management system, allowing you to have an overview of all your assets, identifying and tracking your inventory. Expedite Solutions is able to provide you with the technology and software knowledge, to produce or customize a program exclusively tailored and automated to your requirements.

Features of the management software include:

  • Maintaining a balance between too much and too little inventory
  • Tracking inventory as it moves between locations, and receiving the inventory as it enters the warehouse or elsewhere
  • Picking, packing and shipping items from a warehouse
  • Auditing inventory levels and product sales
  • Reducing product obsolescence and spoilage
  • Avoiding out-of-stock situations, which can lead to loss of sales